“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.”

– David Newman

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing under which the process of sending mail by business perspective takes place. Email marketing is one of the most profitable direct marketing channels. Using email to promote our product or services to your subscribers’ list is email marketing.

Reasons why email marketing is still important in 2021-

1. Cost-Effectiveness.
2. Customer engagement and retention
3. Action Oriented
4. Measurable
5. Personalized
6. Higher ROI.

Email Marketing is cost-effective.

Email marketing is economic and cost-effective. At the cost of almost nothing, email marketing helps you out to reach your customers. Email marketing is effective and inexpensive together.

One can create campaigns at a very low cost. For small businesses, email marketing could be one of the best options for brand awareness as compared to other digital marketing strategies considering cost-effectiveness.

Customer engagement and retention.

In email marketing, there are some very simple statistics one can use to engage the audience easily.

With the help of proper email marketing tool and planning is easy to create engaging campaigns. Here are few things, Creating dynamic email content, storytelling, email newsletters, etc. Also, writing attractive and powerful subject lines helps in engagement. One method is eye-catching email template designs. Personalizing the mail or the subject line also creates curiosity which helps in engagement.

Retaining customer via sending emails to your existing customers for example thank you mails, appreciation emails, sending wishes on birthdays and other occasions, Sending vouchers, discounts and promo codes. Creating campaigns based on the past interactions of customers etc.

Email marketing is action-oriented.

Action-oriented mails or Call-to-action. Email marketing is action-oriented as it helps to generate more sales or engagement. By creating CTA mail effectively, you can get generate leads easily. CTA buttons should be mentioned in your content smartly and with creativeness to attract customers. Learn more, signup, subscribe now, Read more, Try for free, Get Exclusive Tips are some examples of Action-oriented words you can use in your mail.

Email campaigns are measurable.

To find out whether the mail campaigns we are running are effective or not. In email marketing, you can track every single thing like how much mail is opened, how many emails are read, what is click-through rate, and what is conversion rate. With the help of email marketing tools like Mailchimp, you can track your email campaigns very easily.

Emails can be personalized.

An email can be personalized with the help of a collected database of subscribers with the help of proper tools and ideas. If personalization is done properly then this could be one of the best methods to communicate and engage customers. Sending mails with their names, suggesting relevant products and services as per their interest, sending birthday wishes, etc comes under personalized mails.

ROI is higher.

On average on the spent of every $1 email generates $38. Email marketing is one of the successful tactics when it comes to customer interaction and conversion. The targeting and personalization capability is one major key tool of email marketing that results in the highest ROI. Undoubtedly an email marketer can say that even if there is so much competition with other digital marketing methods email marketing is still working.


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