We all know Marketing itself as a philosophy, a perspective, an attitude. Six Competing Marketing Philosophies we should know if we are looking forward to running a business:

▪︎Societal Marketing Orientation
This philosophy signifies that your organization shouldn’t just exist to satisfy customers’ needs or to meet organizational goals only but also to enhance and take care of Societal long-term interests.

▪︎Production Orientation
Basically, this philosophy focuses on the internal caliber of an organization apart from the needs and desires of the marketplace in terms of both products and services

▪︎Sales Orientation
Sales Orientation philosophy focuses on the aim to make people buy or choose your goods and services.

▪︎Product Orientation
Product Orientation philosophy defines the process under which management focuses on the product and service their company is delivering. Quality of product or services by doing enough market research and development.

▪︎Market Orientation
An organization that adopts and applies the marketing concept called market-oriented. In this philosophy, Company focuses on fulfilling customer’s needs while meeting their own goals and objectives. According to this Philosophy, Customer satisfaction justifies the company’s social and economic existence.

▪︎Holistic Marketing
The holistic Marketing approach is a combination of internal marketing, integrated marketing, Societal Marketing, and Relationship Marketing. This approach considers all the aspects of business include; customers, employees, suppliers, community, shareholders, and the environment also.


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